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Financial Support

We provide financial support to assist South African citizens to access employment opportunities in the USA. Most people cannot afford to purchase airline tickets, travel insurance and expenses for the first month. We offer an online service where customers can apply for personal loans.

Loan's Structure

Loan Amount R10000 to R40000
Loans Repayment to U.S.A. account.
Loans Payable over 3 - 6 months.
Approval within 1 to 3 days


• South African Passport
• Proof of residence
• Bank account details
• Labour Broker/Agency contact details
• USA work contract
• Valid USA Visa.

Employment via agents

The advantages of working with an Agent

• Guarantee employment.
• Negotiate employment matter's with the farmer's.
• Plan and secure flights.
• Secure wages in accordance with U.S.A labour law.

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Wuan Steinhobel started Lening Bull due to his own experience and networking with fellow South Africans in the U.S.A. Lending Bull was established to help South Africans to follow their dream of working abroad. 

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