About Us

We provide financial support to assist South African citizens to access employment opportunities in the USA. Most people cannot afford to purchase airline tickets, travel insurance and cover expenses for the first month. We offer an online system where customers can apply for personal loans.An administration fee of R850 is charged for every approved loan. The fee is for costs associated with bank charges and contract fees. Loans can be approved within 1 -3 days. Applicants apply online, register,  upload and submit the required documentation.


Due to the low employment rate and the poor economy in South Africa we strive to give people hope, to enable them to take-up employment opportunities that the U.S.A. offer and mitigating financial challenges not being able to afford such a venture. The U.S.A. exchange rate is so lucrative that it is more R.S.A. citizens are pursuing these rewards.

We offer unsecured loans where applicants do not need current employment, no credit checks and the minimum age is 18 years. The labour law in the U.S.A. dictates that all employees will be reimbursed for their travel expenses which makes the loan repayments affordable. Employees working abroad are protected by minimum hour wages, so in the case of natural disasters or for whatever reason,  employees still earn an income. These loans are offer exclusively by Lending Bull

On average the H2A (temporary agricultural visas) have increased 218 % between    2007 and 2017. The department of labour approved almost a quarter of a million visas = 242,762 H2A positions. South Africa is the second largest recipient of visas issued.

We aim to:

  • Decrease the unemployment rate.
  • Better standard of living
  • Stimulate our economy.
  • With capital earned an increase in entrepreneur businesses.